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Director General
Sergey Nikolaevich PODDUBKO
Ph.D. in Eng., Associate Professor
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e-mail: bats@ncpmm.bas-net.by

S. Poddubko was born on January 24,1956, in Cheboksary, Russian Federation.

In 1978 after graduation the Gorky Polytechnic Institute with a degree in “Cars and tractors” he began his career as an engineer at the Institute of Defense of the USSR-21 (Bronnitsy, Moscow reg., Russia).

Since 1981 he has been working in the system of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

From 1981 to 1992: design engineer, chief designer of the project, a senior researcher at the Institute of Machines Reliability and Fatigue of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR.

From 1992 to 1994: Technical Director of the Institute of Measurement Problems.

From 1994 to 2008: Senior Researcher, Head of the Laboratory of SC AMM of the NAS of Belarus, Deputy Director of the SERUE “Belavtotraktorostroenie”», director of the SSI “JIM of the NAS of Belarus” Center of certification and testing of mobile machines.

In 1987 S. Poddubko defended his PhD. thesis on the specialty 02.01.06 “Dynamics and strength of machines, devices and equipment».

Since December 2014 S.N. Poddubko – the Director General of the Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus, which is an inter-ministerial Science and Technology Center. The Institute carries out cross-sectoral task of scientific support for mechanical engineering in creation and implementation in production of new automotive vehicles and their components, and for many years it serves as the head organization for sub-programs “Mechanical Engineering” of the Scientific-technical state program “Mechanical engineering and engineering technology” and “Mechanics, Technical diagnostics, metallurgy” Scientific research state program.

Academic career – research in the field of development, design and testing of high-power automatic transmissions used on products of MWTP, MAZ, BELAZ, MTW and other manufacturers. S.N. Poddubko scientific activity is connected with the automotive industry: the development of methods and tools for the calculation of complex mechanical-hydraulic systems of transmissions and gearing of transport, traction and technological machines of high power, the development of techniques and equipment for the testing of aggregates and automotive engineering units. The main activities is related to the conducting of research works with the leading machine-building enterprises of the Republic of Belarus (MAZ, MWTP, MTZ, BelAZ, MoAZ, Dormash) within the framework of the implementation of fundamental and applied scientific and technical programs and contractual work.

The Program of Creation and Development of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in the Republic of Belarus was developed and offered to the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus with the direct participation of S.N. Poddubko.

S.N. Poddubko is a specialist in the field of testing and certification of automotive engineering, a product expert auditor in quality system according to STB ISO 9000 and STB ISO 16949.

The head of the certification body of vehicles, equipment and parts “AKADEM-SERT”.

The Chairman of the Academic Council of the Institute.

The Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Program of Coordination of Work in the Field of Hybrid Technologies in the Republic of Belarus.

The Editor in Chief of International Scientific and Technical Journal “Mechanics of machines, Mechanisms and Materials”. The Chairman of the editorial board of the collection of scientific works “Actual Issues of Mechanical Engineering”. A Member of the International Council for Science and Technology.

Confined to the Day of Belarusian Science in 2010 and 2016 S.N. Poddubko was granted badges “Jubilee medal in honour of 80 anniversary of NAS of Belarus”, “In honour of the foundation of The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”, honorary certificates of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the State Committee for Standardization of Belarus, the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus.

In 2016, for years-long and perfect scientific and organizational work in the field of mechanical engineering, development and implementation of new models of domestic automotive vehicles and their components, considerable personal contribution to the development of certification and standardization of automobile transport of the Republic of Belarus S.N. Poddubko had a gratitude from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus.

In 2018, S.N. Poddubko was awarded the Medal of Francysk Skaryna for developments in the field of electric transport.

For the series of works “Lifetime mechanics of transmissions: a set of methods of calculation, design and diagnostics based on an information model of technically complex systems to ensure the reliability of transmissions”, as part of the Institute group of authors, S.N. Poddubko was granted the Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in 2019.

In 2020, as part of the Institute group of authors, S.N. Poddubko was among the winners of the Top 10 results of the activities of scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in the field of fundamental and applied research.

In 2021, S.N. Poddubko received the breastplate of distinction named after V.M. Ignatovsky of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
S.N. Poddubko has published more than 130 scientific works, including 4 monograph; obtained 40 certificates of authorship and patents.


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