R&D Center “Mining Machinery”

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Chief of R&D Center “Mining machinery”,
D.Sc. in eng., Associate Professor
Nikolai Nikolaievich 


Areas of activities

  • mobile machines safety and reliability maintenance
  • synthesis and optimization of mechanical and mechanical-based hybrid systems of mobile machines with a complex structure
  • methods of kinematic, dynamic and resource calculation of mobile engineering
  • calculation of designing process of joints and assemblies of mobile engineering
  • development of methods of technical state and transmission systems
  • development of theoretical and experimental methods for predicting of construction resource in typical operational environment
  • development of theoretical and experimental monitoring methods of vibration processes and accumulation of damages in limiting details of machine driving
  • development of methods and tools of accelerated tests of automotive components based on their technical condition
  • development of software for the given areas of activities
  • implementation of the department products at domestic mechanical engineering enterprises
  • development of methods and tools based on software and hardware simulation to create and evaluate the quality of control algorithms, control systems elements of mobile machines, testing of elements of these systems
  • development of control algorithms and software for the hydromechanical transmission control systems of trucks, construction and mining machinery
  • dynamic and kinematic calculation of transmission, the synthesis of control systems schemes
  • development of methods and tools, virtual, benchmark, site tests of active safety systems, their components and control algorithms based on software, hardware and software modeling and information processing methods. synthesis of active safety systems schemes
  • creation of fundamental principles of scientific and innovative technologies of improving of strength of steel and components by control of chemical, structural and mechanical homogeneity of the border nanovolumes of structural material grains


  • Onboard system of vibration monitoring of transmission units of mobile machines
  • Control system of hydromechanical transmission mod.120 of front loaders Amkodor


Nikolai N. ISHIN,
Chief of R&D Center “Mining machinery”,
D.Sc. in Eng., Associate Professor
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Minsk, the Republic of Belarus




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