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Dear colleagues, investors and partners! 

Poddubko obrThe Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is the leading research center in mechanics and engineering in Belarus. The Institute is an inter-branch, and currently it fulfils the function of clustered design-engineering center in automotive industry, tractor industry, manufacture of combined harvesters and high-tech equipment sector. It is confirmed by the fact that our partners are leading machine builders. Along with that we focus our resources on some forward-looking areas (so called growth points). In essence, that’s the Insitute’s regeneration.

Therefore, at this time our Institute establishes 4 centers, which could form the basis of respective clusters:

  • Scientific and Technical Center “Republican Proving Ground for Mobile machines Testing”;
  • Scientific and Engineering Center for Hybrid and Electric Drive Technologies for the Transport and Production Machinery;
  • Computer Engineering Technologies Center;
  • Surface Engineering International Center.

In the near term we aim to found Mechatronics and Robotics Scientific and Engineering Center. Currently we organize it as a school in order to attract young people into science. Along with that this center is regarded as the basis for the cluster in the future (on the basis of the Center for Hybrid and Electric Drive Technologies), and as the center for High-Tech Equipment Center (highly-precise instrument engineering).

What are the title roles of such centers? These roles are cooperation and the interference of science and production. There are two primary objectives that should be taken in obligatory partnership with science: personnel must be skilled; decisions in the industry's development strategy (what and when should be created — new equipment, materials, technologies, how to create — equipment, technological processes, digital manufacturing, etc.).

The form of interaction among the participants of the cluster (center) — the solution of the development objectives through the scientific and technical issues. Mechanisms — large innovative projects, programs tasks, contracts.

Thus, the Institute is the leading organization in major scientific and technical programs and sub-programs in the current Five-Year Plan (Government Research Program “Mechanics, Technical diagnostics, metallurgy”, sub-program "Mechanical Engineering" Government Scientific-Technical Program “Engineering and Engineering Technologies”). The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology State Committee of the Republic of Belarus support the Institute to carry out these functions and targets in the years 2016-2020. The Institute provides the work of the Scientific and Technical Center for open-cut transport and special technological transport for mining industry of dual subordination (NASB - JSC “BelAZ”) on the part of NASB. The Institute is one of the main participants of the scientific and production center of OJSC “BMZ” – NASB.

By developing new, modern and perspective for our state directions in machine industry, the Institute offers large scale innovative projects for creating new models of vehicles and their components, including automotive electronics, mechatronics and electrohydraulics, solutions to the issues of modernization and development of the sector of highly-precise electronic and hi-tech equipment, quality, reliability, and safety of mobile machines, their testing and certification. Along these courses the Institute is given the title role.


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