Laboratory of Gearing Systems and Processing Equipment

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Director of R&D Center “Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Processing Equipment”, D. Sc. in Eng., Professor
Vladimir Leonidovich


  • development, research and testing of program-controlled drives of mechatronic systems based on commutatorless high-torque rotary and linear motors with permanent magnets and gearmotors based on them with friction and gears operating under normal and extreme conditions, including open space, development of STB and other normative documents for a drive of this type and their components, including documentation similar to EU documents;
  • development, research and implementation of technologies of automated formation of functionally oriented composite materials and multilayer multifunction (hardening, antifriction, electroinsulating, damping, etc.) coatings, including nanostructured and polymer coatings formed using the combined technologies of microarc oxidation, pyrolytic deposition and plating with a flexible tool to use in process equipment, gas pipelines, mobile land, aeronautical and space engineering;
  • development and research of methods and engineering solutions in the sphere of noise and vibration control of gear system on the basis of gearing, accelerated tests of mechanical, hydraulic drives and objects, methods and tools of complex automated monitoring, including mobile monitoring using on-board computerized systems, with tribological and vibro-acoustic parameters and properties of lubricants


Vladimir L. BASINYUK,
Director of R&D Center “Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Processing Equipment”,
D. Sc. in engineering, Professor
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Minsk, Republic of Belarus




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