Laboratory of Gas-Thermal Methods of Machine Components Hardening

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Head of the Laboratory of Gas-Thermal Methods of Machine Components Hardening,
D.Sc. in Eng., Professor
Marat Artemovich


Areas of activities

Properties amplification of metal, polymer, composite coatings formed with gas-thermal methods from powder and wire using sustainable methods of spraying activation, modification of sprayed-metal coatings, revealing of mechanisms of coatings formation, their structure, physical and mechanical characteristics and performance properties in compliance with operational environment of friction units of mobile machines and technological equipment.
  • theoretical basics of activated gas-thermal spraying of metal, polymer, composite materials to improve reliability of workpieces surfaces operating in extreme conditions
  • theoretical basics of optimal control over transient temperature conditions of application of powder coatings using induction method
  • calculation methodology of layer temperature during induction weld deposition considering impacts of convection-radiant heat exchange, work part material properties, work part size and the frequency of the balanced output generator
  • theory of sedimentation process of nanoscale fillers during centrifugal deposition of composite coatings
  • the concept of science-based selection of rational method and recovery modes, strengthening and protection of parts considering them as dynamic elements of the system constructed to be reliable. Engineering analysis techniques for desired and sufficient values of adhesion of coatings applied to parts of tribocouplings are developed
  • the general principles of the activation process of formation of high-density flame and metal-sprayed coatings with cocurrent flows, allowing to provide a qualitatively new service characteristics of the surface coatings are proposed and proved
  • a new promising approach to designing technology of formation of wear-resistant and anti-friction coatings of sliding friction units details by creating and use of the deformation of the phase-structural transformations and metastable states, providing a complex advance of physical, mechanical and performance properties of the product during operation
  • technological processes and equipment for activated flame spraying and hypersonic metallization of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-friction coatings from powder and wire materials to rapidly wearing parts and construction units of transport vehicles, technological equipment, agricultural machinery to increase their life cycle in 1,4–8 times
  • technological recommendations on the production of composite coatings systems “metal – carbide”, “metal – ceramics”, “polymer – metal – ceramics”, “metal – polymer”. The technological recommendations for obtaining layered composite coatings for tribo-engineering
  • technological bases of manufacturing processes of bimetals friction units of machines and mechanisms with induction welding methods with putting of nano- and micro-sized modifiers into copper base alloys

Products and services

  • Technology and equipment for application of protective coatings using hypersonic electrometallization
  • Technology and equipment for application of protective coatings using thermoplastic polymer powder flame spraying
  • Technology and equipment for processing of bimetallic machine parts using centrifugal induction method


  • Vityaz, P.A. Ttribomechanical Modification of Friction Surface by Running-In in Lubricans with Nano-Sized Diamonds / P.A Vityaz, V.I. Zhornik, V.A. Kukareko, M.A. Belotserkovsky. – New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2010. 120 р.
  • Zhornik, V.I. Tribomechanical Modification of Friction Surface by Running-In Lubricants with Nano-Sized Diamonds / V.I. Zhornik, V.A. Kukareko, M.A. Belotserkovsky // Advances in Mechanics Research. Volume 1 / Editors: Jeremy M. Campbell. – New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2011. – Pр. 1–78.



Belotserkovskii Marat Artemovich,
Head of the Laboratory of Gas-Thermal Methods of Machine Components Hardening D.Sc. in engineering, Professor
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Minsk, the Republic of Belarus




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