R&D Center “ Agricultural Engineering”

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Chief of R&D Center “Agricultural Engineering”,
D. Sc. in Eng., Associate Professor
Dmitriy Aleksandrovich



Areas of activities

  • analysis of the tendencies in tractors and combine harvesters industries, substantiation of rational parameters of tractors and combine harvesters machinery of different purpose;
  • development of methods for calculating and objectives of the parameters of the main aggregates, systems and assemblies, programs and techniques for bench and field tests of agricultural machines;
  • development of methods for determining the reliability indicators of tractor and combine harvesters machinery, its components and parts by operational data, recommendations for improving the reliability of agricultural machines;
  • substantiation of rational norms of reliability of agricultural machinery of various purposes by the criterion of competitiveness;
  • development of provisions of technical normative legal acts in the field of agricultural machinery reliability, taking into account existing standards of GOST, ISO, IEC;
  • development of methods and tools for dynamic balancing of oscillating working bodies of agricultural machines;
  • analysis of kinematic schemes of steering drives of controlled wheels of mobile equipment, substantiation of the formula for control of multi-axis machines;
  • analysis and synthesis of differential mechanisms and onboard power distribution systems between driving axles and wheels, steering gears of steering wheels, structural schemes of dual-flow hydrostatic-mechanical transmissions of mobile equipment;
  • development and providing of production of attached and towed forage harvesters with recuperative drives of working bodies, regenerative drives of agricultural machines


  • Software for normalization of service life of tractors
  • Software for determining the necessity in service parts of tractors
  • Methodology for calculating of rational norms of reliability of tractors, their evaluation according to tests and operation data
  • Steering wheel
  • Increased friction differential for steering axles of an off-road vehicle
  • On-board control system of differential gear of mobile machine’s driving wheels
  • A seat of a vehicle
  • KMT mowing machines with recuperative drive of the cutter bar
  • Two-row potato digger L-671 with recuperative drives of digging and separating parts for tractors
  • One-row potato cultivation complex KVK-2 for a two-wheel tractor


Dmitriy A. DUBOVIK,
Chief of R&D Center “Agricultural Engineering”, D. Sc. in Eng., Associate Professor
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Minsk, the Republic of Belarus




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